When The “victors” Lose But Still Want To Rewrite History

When The “Victors” Lose

But Still Want To Rewrite History

1.2 million worker shortage in this video is blamed on

Retirement – Resignation – Training – Unemployment benefits

but no mention of the spread of a disabling vascular disease through the factory and warehouses full of unmasked workers haha.

Almost like they think they are going to rewrite history just by declaring nothing happened. Silly Murica. I’m sure this is sustainable

Wages are mentioned by Domino’s itself, but they didn’t want to pay more so they spent a bunch on upgrading with automation instead. Wait until they realise this hurts sales in the long run too.. then they will care.. but then it’ll be way too late.



– Anthony

The Truth About Windows Versions From Someone Lacking Rose-Coloured Glasses

The Truth About Windows Versions From Someone Lacking Rose-Coloured Glasses

I have used most versions of Windows, except 8… I wanted nothing to do with 8…

I have had to troubleshoot them all

And for reliability and usability Windows 95 and Windows 7 were the only two I didn’t have to reformat or mess around with regularly… they just worked

Vista gets labelled the worst but was actually pretty decent…

Windows 98 was one of the worst

Windows XP was actually garbage that was hidden under makeup, on paper it seemed nice but I sure had to fix it for a lot of people and it was a resource hog out of the box lol



– Anthony

A Quick Blurb About Weight Loss

A Quick Blurb About Weight Loss

   I’m annoyed I haven’t had the focus to be able to write in a couple of weeks so I will take this social media post, which was too long for social media, and make it a more lasting blog post. I am no health expert, all I do is share how I keep myself in the shape I am in with relatively little effort. I had written a blog post a couple of weeks ago but didn’t post it as I didn’t like how it turned out.



IMO The best way to lose weight is to cut more fat out of your diet, not add exercise.

The easiest way to do that is to cut back on how much meat you consume. Especially after what modern farming has done to things like chickens… The meat is full of it now.

Being active isn’t about losing weight as much as it is about keeping your muscles active… It forces you to use your heart and lungs more than you normally would

If it’s purely about weight loss to you then you are doing it wrong. Weight control is about diet, not exercise

The problem with changing your activity level instead of your diet is that you are then required to keep that up… not only to keep the weight off but to keep the gains.

People think you can fit daily activity into 2 hours at the gym a few times a week… not how it works

They try to do the same thing with sleep… they try to stay up later rather than getting restful sleep and waking up earlier.

Avoiding lowering food intake is like trying to sleep on weekends to catch up on sleep… It doesn’t work.



– Anthony