‘About this’

I don’t really care for about me sections very much

To get to the point this is a place for me to host my personal thought in a more long form way while also showcasing my coding projects and a place to sell those projects when they hit a point of being a program, to me anyways.

Currently I am working on coding because I enjoy data analysis and currently am doing it for financial markets. I doubt I’m the only person who wants access to these programs and thus plan to host what I make for others to have access to. As with anything more interest means more time put towards the projects that are not for my own end goals.

I’d like to get back to streaming but currently time constraints aren’t allowing for it so there won’t be much about that here for the time being.

My site will be basic as I’m learning a lot of other things at the moment I don’t have as much time as I’d like to really get a good feel for wordpress and website design, the last time I did this many of us still wrote webpages in .txt files haha.