It Has Been a Few Months – Update

It Has Been a Few Months – Update

Hello again to the few who have found this website in recent months without seeing any activity from me. I’m still alive, and finally back at coding. Life has been hectic since I finished that last version but I did continue on with making my own indicator module which I may or may not put with the downloaded. I personally feel I should add more web scrapping options to it rather than just have the alpha vantage api since they also want you to download that data through them, plus my numbers aren’t quite the same. Sometimes this is because I picked a different method or include more data points. Ultimately I want something that can pull w/e data from large data sets and go through it to find patterns I ask. Nothing terribly complicated, I would be the brains behind the tool so sharing it doesn’t really hurt me. There are likely tools that do what I want already but nothing free I’ve seen yet, it all requires me to code to use it.

I had intended to get back to this around New Years but 2022 has been one of the worst years to date for me with the absolute disaster going on both in the world and my own life. I went from getting a raise and working on contacting my doctor about a few of my health issues to slipping on some ice and having all responsible parties leave me down sh*t’s  creek without a paddle so now I’m dealing with trying to get a lawyer for that, dealing with my landlord is always a headache… always. The loss of my job and the inability to currently walk well enough to work labour jobs as I do has been a massive pain…… In all this I have obviously kept active on twitter as I do but more importantly I took the time to completely gut and redo my setup, both pcs, and finally have a workstation that allows me to code between the two pretty seamlessly but also stream with just a couple button presses meaning I’m more inclined to do it. I lost a monitor until I can get a better video card due to an unresolvable driver issue but did get a new larger case so I was able to cool the second PC better. I then spent time converting to using Google Chrome as they have finally sorted out the performance issues and it runs the best now. It also allows me to login on anything and have access to my bookmarks and settings. This was partially prompted by a friend on Twitter helping me update my resume and he used Drive and Google Docs, which I immediately fell in love with because I find Google’s text correction AI to be amazing! I have VScode set up to do a similar thing using my GitHub login and then am sticking mostly to extensions I can use with it so everything can be a one stop shop allowing me to code even on my laptop. My second PC is now running Linux as well, I prefer it and finally got my audio working through Jack audio server. Never did get network audio working but I don’t currently need it so whatever.

As it sits I plan to continue on with coding, maybe make a career out of it if I can, and I plan to start using this blog more often as well. I am making it easier for me to log in and write as it was a bit of a chore before.

I also have my code on GitHub. As it stands I have little reason to not share my source code so you can find me there at

Hope to be posting more updates, but at least now people can see if I’m still coding or doing anything through GitHub.

As usual I may or may not spell check this later lol


Stock Data Version 0.2.0

Version 0.2.0

So after far too long I finally finished adding a pile of things and learning to write sections of code better.  Also finally using legitimate version numbers.

I’ve likely missed issues… lol

new for v 0.2.0

– Many changes under the hood including some basic, but limited, exception handling
– Added everything but the economic indicators
– Crypto, Forex, and Fundamentals
– Removed Intraday options for non US market tickers


Still to do
– add in options for the various time interval choices and so fourth
– add economic indicators
– reduce overhead


– An internet connection
– Windows 10 (I have no way of testing on anything below or above that)
– a free Alpha Vantage api key from (I still haven’t added an option for those with a paid key, maybe make the program a paid version for that?)


To use :


Simply unzip and drop this folder wherever you would like the directory to be and then open the folder and run “avcaller 0.2.0”. After that it should be as easy as following the prompts. It will ask you for an alpha vantage api key as that’s the only source I’m currently pulling from. If you have others that are easily to implement feel free to suggest them, for now I won’t be doing web scraping to get the data although was considering adding it to the mix but that’s a whole other can of worms at the moment.

It takes a little but to initially load and I plan to reduce the overhead to significantly reduce the loading time.

report bugs here, something else I will look into when I see interest.

Thank you and enjoy 🙂




A day of Struggle!

A day of Struggle!

  Obviously It’s still not uploaded which means it isn’t ready. After a day of mostly being my own worst enemy in making silly problems I have things seeming to work but need more time to test it to be sure as while chasing problems I changed a lot of other things and just want to make sure it’s all sorted back out before I compile it for upload. I can tell the counter for the API calls isn’t working correctly for instance and it’s messing with the timer now.. Little things that are annoying still need to be cleaned up. If it wasn’t for the various bouts of pain I’ve been in I’d have finished it by now but it’s hard to code when I hurt that badly.

I really need to get better at recording changes as well so I have more detailed posts as well…. eventually. haha

Should be within the week and now has Stocks, Crypto, and Forex requests all working. Once I finish adding in Fundamentals and the Economic stats it’ll either be back to my own indicator calculator and then onto the plotter that will be able to use the data to give charts and other visuals with selections from the stored data. With the lack of direct interest in the program currently it’s most likely I’m going to go for my own personal part of the program either until I hit a wall that annoys me too much or interest picks up over here, as I’ve stated previously the programs on this site are more refined branches of my own tools I’m making with some things added, removed, or changed.



– Anthony


Just About There!

Just About There!

So at this point this program pulls 81 different indicators and separate price data sheets and in CSV form (comma separated value, in a basic text file for those not familiar) comes to around 10mb per stock ticker entered which would also take around 17 minutes using the free API key and the 5 call per minute limit. This will increase when I add in all the variables for different time frames and so fourth.

So now I am back to just cleaning up code and updating other elements of the program to match my other changes and updates while I modify what’s there to add in Crypto and fundamentals before I add in a separate options menu for the various different options such as various intervals and give the option to preselect the indicators and data you want so you only need to select which dataset you are interest in and then the Ticker or company name to go with it. I seem to be on track for a new release either late tonight or late tomorrow.


– Anthony


September 4th.. Making Progress again

September 4th.. Making Progress again

Still hurting but can code again when I have the time as I did before. I have made progress on the back end of the API requests to simplify it for myself, removing options that aren’t really needed in my opinion such as having both daily and daily adjusted  calls given the adjusted includes both the unadjusted and adjusted close prices. While I did this I added in all but 2 of the call options for Alpha Vantage (Listing & Delisting status along with Earnings and IPO calendar were left out).

So now I am trying to figure out a simplistic UI while updating the aesthetics and code to allow me more flexibility in altering it later on as I need. It’s pretty a pretty productive week and a half or so again which has been a nice change after losing around a month or so of coding time and needing to catch up on everything else the injury put me behind with.

 I’m hoping to have the version with Crypto currency, Forex, Stocks, and fundamentals out by the end of this weekend. Really just depends how much I can sit here for and I really need to set aside some me time that isn’t work, maybe some Storm Works or something. I keep getting caught up in learning better ways to code things causing me to rewrite or adjust large portions of code, it’s making me get better are learning how to segment things for testing so my workflow speed is increasing but as with anything… it’s a process with a lot of rabbit holes hahaha.



For now Enjoy some updated pictures of the slightly updated UI 🙂




It has been around  12 days since I last gave any sort of update. Due to my injury getting worse I was still unable to do very much until the last couple of days, either unable to sit at the computer or being unable to focus enough to solve any real issues.

But tonight I finally got some coding done and a couple of issues sorted out. Ultimately I went with redesigning the wheel rather than using the wrapper I currently am in my code more for me having more control over the relatively simple task and also so I don’t have to rely on the consistency of anyone else’s code in regards to the functionality any more than I am already required to do.

Learning how to manipulate JSON files while in agonizing pain wasn’t very fun, but ultimately worked out in the end.

The goal is to hopefully get the api request code written and implemented by the end of next week and start to get Cyrpto and Intraday working properly. I did have Intraday working but didn’t like how I was going to have to implement it for tickers where that wasn’t available. 

I am reinventing the wheel in this case because over all my goal is to be able to use this code to read data in general, not just from Alpha Vantage and also not just financial data. So this will be more useful for me in the long run and will save me from trying to write it into my code later on, which I have been trying to plan for in the background this entire time.

One might think I had a little clue as to the steps of software development by the way I talk about plans, but I’m just doing my best to make my life easier is all.. haha






– Anthony