So here I am again. This time not to post about my personal life but instead about my coding projects. I have some much larger end goals but for now I’m working on a financial data downloader and analyzer for the average person who doesn’t want to learn coding to or spend a fortune for access to this sort of simplicity,

So to start I will be releasing my program that will let people who want the ability to download price and indicator data from alpha vantage giving them a .csv file to work with. I do plan to add things like crypto and intraday to the options but I’d like to see the interest in it before dedicating too much time away from my own personal projects that these are stemming from. The more interest and financial backing that this produces the more time I will have to spend producing the modules that will form my complete program. Although initially I’m sticking to financial data I’d like to expand it further into other data types as well.

More to come in the next several days, I’m currently just working on making the program easy to install although it’s likely It’ll just be a scraggly zip file with some poorly written instructions.

For now this will be the main source for information as my Twitter feed is mostly political stuff, mostly Canadian for the time being, which likely isn’t about to interest anyone into this.

I will be leaning wordpress among other things this weekend to also get this set up so it should be a fun weekend inside lol.