Current Progress and Weekend Goal

So at this point I have the website setup enough to be functional for my current needs, although severely lacking in the long term I just don’t have the time currently to do everything I would like yet. This should allow me to focus most of my weekend on turning this program into a self supporting .exe that anyone can just unzip and use without needing to worry about installing dependencies and so fourth. The Zip I could release right now (and might if I have troubles with the .exe adventure) would only be usable by people able to do things in the terminal which is what I was trying to get away from.


The current program will only run on Windows 10, I have no plan at making it backwards compatible with older windows versions but will be looking to keep it going with Windows 11 although that will not be my main development platform in the future. This brings me to the plans of comparability.. They will match my own which is to have program suites that run on both Windows and Linux, MacOS isn’t too much of a concern for me and I’d have to not only get one but learn how to use it which is just more time than I have. Linux on the other hand I have familiarity with and once funds allow for it will be making my multi pc setup run both windows and Linux as I need. But for the time being I am stuck with Windows 10 so that’s what the program will be setup to run on. Outside of the things Microsoft forces on me most of my development will be aimed at Linux (which seems to be the way everything is headed anyways so it’ll keep me current I guess)

Stay tuned as my goal is to release this primitive first version this weekend (August 07/08, 2021) or the following week.

I will add a pricing model as I figure that sort of stuff out but for now I will leave it as a donation setup.


(Let’s see if this auto shares lol)