September 4th.. Making Progress again

Still hurting but can code again when I have the time as I did before. I have made progress on the back end of the API requests to simplify it for myself, removing options that aren’t really needed in my opinion such as having both daily and daily adjusted  calls given the adjusted includes both the unadjusted and adjusted close prices. While I did this I added in all but 2 of the call options for Alpha Vantage (Listing & Delisting status along with Earnings and IPO calendar were left out).

So now I am trying to figure out a simplistic UI while updating the aesthetics and code to allow me more flexibility in altering it later on as I need. It’s pretty a pretty productive week and a half or so again which has been a nice change after losing around a month or so of coding time and needing to catch up on everything else the injury put me behind with.

 I’m hoping to have the version with Crypto currency, Forex, Stocks, and fundamentals out by the end of this weekend. Really just depends how much I can sit here for and I really need to set aside some me time that isn’t work, maybe some Storm Works or something. I keep getting caught up in learning better ways to code things causing me to rewrite or adjust large portions of code, it’s making me get better are learning how to segment things for testing so my workflow speed is increasing but as with anything… it’s a process with a lot of rabbit holes hahaha.



For now Enjoy some updated pictures of the slightly updated UI 🙂