Just About There!

So at this point this program pulls 81 different indicators and separate price data sheets and in CSV form (comma separated value, in a basic text file for those not familiar) comes to around 10mb per stock ticker entered which would also take around 17 minutes using the free API key and the 5 call per minute limit. This will increase when I add in all the variables for different time frames and so fourth.

So now I am back to just cleaning up code and updating other elements of the program to match my other changes and updates while I modify what’s there to add in Crypto and fundamentals before I add in a separate options menu for the various different options such as various intervals and give the option to preselect the indicators and data you want so you only need to select which dataset you are interest in and then the Ticker or company name to go with it. I seem to be on track for a new release either late tonight or late tomorrow.


– Anthony