A day of Struggle!

  Obviously It’s still not uploaded which means it isn’t ready. After a day of mostly being my own worst enemy in making silly problems I have things seeming to work but need more time to test it to be sure as while chasing problems I changed a lot of other things and just want to make sure it’s all sorted back out before I compile it for upload. I can tell the counter for the API calls isn’t working correctly for instance and it’s messing with the timer now.. Little things that are annoying still need to be cleaned up. If it wasn’t for the various bouts of pain I’ve been in I’d have finished it by now but it’s hard to code when I hurt that badly.

I really need to get better at recording changes as well so I have more detailed posts as well…. eventually. haha

Should be within the week and now has Stocks, Crypto, and Forex requests all working. Once I finish adding in Fundamentals and the Economic stats it’ll either be back to my own indicator calculator and then onto the plotter that will be able to use the data to give charts and other visuals with selections from the stored data. With the lack of direct interest in the program currently it’s most likely I’m going to go for my own personal part of the program either until I hit a wall that annoys me too much or interest picks up over here, as I’ve stated previously the programs on this site are more refined branches of my own tools I’m making with some things added, removed, or changed.



– Anthony