Humans are Dumb (and things are VERY bad)

We are treating the pandemic like we do highways
We don’t look at the distracted drivers causing the congestion…
We just keep adding lanes for them to clog up.
It’s the exact same mentality right now.. it’s why we never fix problems with most things, just create more of the same problems.
Traffic with good drivers, even when busy, keeps flowing. The issue is so many bad drivers drive vehicles with super tinted windows and are usually larger so no one can prepare for their actions when either they, or the safety feature their vehicle may have, engages the brakes full stop to avoid rear ending someone… just to go back to doing it over and over again.
People driving standards for example will tend to favour just keeping a slow steady consistent pace over gunning it only to have to engage first gear again… Really, if you can avoid needing to get a manual car moving from a rolling stop they are really nice and easy to drive. and if you time it (while making sure distracted fucko behind you doesn’t rear end you because they don’t see brake lights and don’t realize the vehicle in front is slowing down) you can just ease off the throttle and slow down without using your brakes… again though, if some fucko changing lanes every two seconds doesn’t think that room is for them to shoot over almost smacking your front fender… because… fucko
Climate change… our answer was to find ways around epa ratings trying to sell less fuel efficient vehicles that kept the status quo of burning oil alive and flourishing, the crossover and pickup truck.. So now the world is on fire…
It’s always the same story…. wait until you realize how badly they have screwed up our ability to produce food. Part of my diet changes are based on what I think we will be eating, and the price increases on things I no longer eat sure tell me I’m onto something 🙁
This is like Brexit… For the entire planet…. and just like Brexit so many are so terribly ignorant instead of doing everything they could to prevent it… because both situations are preventable… but we never prepare, always react and always with greed in mind.
I keep track of so many things because it’s pretty vital to my survival, having food and not being on fire are mighty important things for that.



– Anthony