It has been around  12 days since I last gave any sort of update. Due to my injury getting worse I was still unable to do very much until the last couple of days, either unable to sit at the computer or being unable to focus enough to solve any real issues.

But tonight I finally got some coding done and a couple of issues sorted out. Ultimately I went with redesigning the wheel rather than using the wrapper I currently am in my code more for me having more control over the relatively simple task and also so I don’t have to rely on the consistency of anyone else’s code in regards to the functionality any more than I am already required to do.

Learning how to manipulate JSON files while in agonizing pain wasn’t very fun, but ultimately worked out in the end.

The goal is to hopefully get the api request code written and implemented by the end of next week and start to get Cyrpto and Intraday working properly. I did have Intraday working but didn’t like how I was going to have to implement it for tickers where that wasn’t available. 

I am reinventing the wheel in this case because over all my goal is to be able to use this code to read data in general, not just from Alpha Vantage and also not just financial data. So this will be more useful for me in the long run and will save me from trying to write it into my code later on, which I have been trying to plan for in the background this entire time.

One might think I had a little clue as to the steps of software development by the way I talk about plans, but I’m just doing my best to make my life easier is all.. haha






– Anthony




I’ve finally managed to spend a few hours in my chair off and on, with the help of muscle relaxants and a heat pad, but unfortunately for this project my daughter wanted a Minecraft Java server up and running and wanted me to play with her, and so that (and the troubleshooting with our old equipment) took precedence 🙂


Later this evening or early next week development will resume.






– Anthony


Aug. 14/2021 Update

Aug 14 2021 Update

Unfortunately I have injured my shoulder/back somehow and have been unable to air in my office chair, or any chair, in general the past week. Given my desk isn’t a standing desk I have been unable to sit here long enough to accomplish anything before the pain gets too bad and I can’t think about anything else anymore.


It’s now finally starting to get better and I am lucky enough to have an office chair with many adjustments so I can configure it into something that should be able to work now, although not consistently yet as it heals the positing I need to sit in changes since it’s effecting my neck, shoulder, and back. I’ve now managed a couple of hours sitting here the last day.


This is to say there hasn’t been any progress in actual development this week but the plan is still to add Intraday next along with crypto currency. I’m thinking I might also look at rewriting the way the API calls are made and handled as well and once that’s all sorted out I can start working on the charting module next for all the data we are obtaining.


I’m hoping this heals up in the next week or so and I can go back to my usual routine, it’s been annoying to have the time but not be able to utilize it.




Where we begin

So here I am again. This time not to post about my personal life but instead about my coding projects. I have some much larger end goals but for now I’m working on a financial data downloader and analyzer for the average person who doesn’t want to learn coding to or spend a fortune for access to this sort of simplicity,

So to start I will be releasing my program that will let people who want the ability to download price and indicator data from alpha vantage giving them a .csv file to work with. I do plan to add things like crypto and intraday to the options but I’d like to see the interest in it before dedicating too much time away from my own personal projects that these are stemming from. The more interest and financial backing that this produces the more time I will have to spend producing the modules that will form my complete program. Although initially I’m sticking to financial data I’d like to expand it further into other data types as well.

More to come in the next several days, I’m currently just working on making the program easy to install although it’s likely It’ll just be a scraggly zip file with some poorly written instructions.

For now this will be the main source for information as my Twitter feed is mostly political stuff, mostly Canadian for the time being, which likely isn’t about to interest anyone into this.

I will be leaning wordpress among other things this weekend to also get this set up so it should be a fun weekend inside lol.